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"About Ron"

Born in Long Prairie, Minnesota -eight miles from River Glen Gardens- Ron as a small child was immediately interested in all areas of natural science. He grew up taking full advantage of small-town boyhood typical of the 1940's. This included roving the local woods and lakes of the area and experiencing the wide variety of the local flora and fauna. In the 4th grade, Ron read all the Encyclopedia's in town, but if he came across something that he couldn't identify, he wouldn't stop his search until he arrived at an answer.

Ron wished to make his living in a field of science he was interested in such as teaching. However, he became a printer with the idea of doing so for only a couple of years, but continued 43 years until retirement!

In 1953, the year he graduated from high school, Ron made what turned out to be a very far-sighted decision. He purchased 72 acres of land on the Sauk River in central Minnesota. Half of the money used for this purchase was earned from the wages of Ron's paper-boy days. Initially, the purchase was intended to be a retirement home after planting thousands of evergreen seedlings in his earlier years, while he pursued his teaching goal. Yet as time passed the details of his plans changed altering his course but not his destination. His fulfillment of teaching came about not at a university, but from leading tours through River Glen Gardens, much of the United States, and even world-wide, taking groups for Preferred Adventures of St. Paul. In addition Ron has given numerous lectures on his areas of expertise at various venues; including schools, conventions, interest groups, and even Television.

Ron also made an tremendous impact on many young people and their families throughout the years in the roll of scoutmaster. This position enabled him to share his knowledge on a personal level. And he found much delight of seeing life-long interests sparked in these various individuals that he has had the privilege to connect with.

Ron has traveled around the world, both leading tours and by himself, to destinations that he had dreamed of since his youth.

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